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How To “Shortcut” Your Way To Starting A Profitable Recording Studio Business That Earns A Rock Solid Income Every Single Week

Recording Studio Profits - Start a Recording Studio Business

“I’ll Show You How I Went From A Recording School Drop-Out In Memphis, Tennessee… To Pulling In Thousands of Dollars Per Week, Running The Studio Of My Dreams – And How You Can Create This Kind Of Business For Yourself In Less Than 30 Days!”

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 From: Reuben Rock

Memphis, TN (at the studio)

Dear Friend,

ou are probably sick of hearing about the failing economy and listening to all the “doom and gloom” forecasting on CNN…

And you probably already know the music industry has been in shambles for years now. Record companies just can’t make money the way they used to…

During all these hard times, would you guess that thousands of bands are still searching for a decent place to record? It’s true (in fact, I’ll prove it to you in a minute). Even when just about anybody can cut a demo in their “home studio” using Garage Band, it doesn’t matter. There’s still a huge opportunity out there for small recording studios to cash in.

A small group of home studio owners – just like you – are quietly profiting from bands that need a real audio engineer to help (that can be you, too!). What do you think it takes to get in on this new wave of studio profits?

If other people are living the recording studio owner dream, why aren’t you?

The truth is, you can do it!

But you simply can’t do it alone… The recording business is a notoriously difficult one to break into. Without a friggin’ genie in a lamp, you’re screwed. Right?


What if I told you that by this weekend you could have everything you need to squeeze a profit out of any home studio (yes, even your bedroom studio):

  1. Industry-Insider information that only the real professional studio owners know – believe me, these guys aren’t opening their mouths anytime soon!
  2. My Top Secret tricks for getting new clients into my studio with open wallets (the biggest secret is that your new clients will LOVE paying you for your services)
  3. Your own recording studio owner’s “toolbox” packed with all the essential forms, invoices, and marketing materials

PLUS: A simple, easy-to-follow method for transforming your low-budget home studio into the professional studio you AND your clients dream of recording in…

Would you give me the next 7 minutes and read every word of this letter?

If you’re still reading then you made the smart choice…

Now let me tell you exactly what kind of business you’re getting yourself into:

“The Most Glamorous Business In The World”

You have probably dreamed about having this kind of job, right? Who wouldn’t want to listen to music all day long, hang out with bands, and live that rock star lifestyle? You are not alone – plenty of people wish they could run a recording studio and make great money.

Not very many people get to live that dream. But I have the secrets to getting “behind the music” and making platinum profits. Here’s what you can expect to find in the recording studio business…

  • The studio business is state of the art – but it ain’t new! Bands have been recording at professional studios for decades now. And those “big time” studios of yesterday can’t compete with new studios like yours. (I know that sounds crazy, but trust me – it’s the truth!)
  • You always have new clients to work with. I know that sounds unbelievable too, but just think about how many musicians you know. These guys start new bands, break up, do solo albums, and form side projects all the time.
  • Not even this never-ending economic recession can kill the studio business. In fact, you will learn to use “hard economic times” to your advantage. Yes, you will actually get more business when the stock market is in the dumps!
  • Your recording studio can earn you unlimited income – how much? Well that depends on how much you want to work. But I can tell you that I’ve personally made between $150 and $950 a day.
  • You can grow your business at your own pace. Want to stay small and enjoy the ride? No problem, lots of studio owners take this route. Or maybe you want to expand rapidly, hire a couple employees or interns, and be the 500 pound Gorilla in your local market? Easy breezy!
  • You can make more money than a damned blonde haired pop star – well, you won’t become a millionaire next week (you can dream big, though). My point is that an average recording studio can pull in $250,000 a year with just a little effort.
  • Launching your studio doesn’t take lots of time or money. You can usually bring in your first client in under 3 days and invest no money up front.

I promise this is NOT a difficult business to start.

I’ve even made money in the first day of business. In under 30 days, you can make enough money to start buying your dream equipment – how about a Neumann microphone? Or an upgrade to your recording software? Then again, there is absolutely no reason that you can’t just pocket the profits and enjoy your fat paycheck.

You can start a recording studio business even on a musician’s budget (which is usually a 6-pack and a pizza, am I right?). If you have no equipment at all, I can still show you how to get started in the recording studio business for less than $500.

No, you won’t have a super high-level, professional quality studio on that budget. But you can get off the ground with that kind of investment. Then when the profits start rolling in, you can upgrade your studio equipment with that money – you really don’t have to make any out of pocket investment to get started.

Here’s a hot tip – free of charge: I actually recommend getting started on a shoestring budget. When you start with very little money, you are forced to get creative. That creativity is exactly what you need to become a huge success in the recording business! I’ll tell you more about this later.

Besides, after you pocket some cash for yourself – you can start to buy the cool gear you really want for your studio. Shopping for new mics, amps, and monitor speakers is way more fun when your business pays the bill!

Running a recording studio makes you the boss. You’re in charge, and you have nobody to answer to. This is really the only way to live.

What time does your studio open? That is completely up to you. Setting your own hours will make you feel truly free. Open whenever, work as long as you want, and call it a day when you say so.

Think about this for a second – what other business gives you this kind of freedom? None that I can think of. Plus you get to work in an exciting industry. Making music! You call the shots, you run the joint. It’s your decision. You control your own future.

Work your own hours, be your own boss, live the life you want. Those are the keys to happiness. If you want to work nonstop, rockin’ out in the studio… go for it. Maybe it’s time for a vacation – close up shop and head for the beach. You don’t have to worry about taking time off, using up your vacation hours, or “calling in sick” just to get away from your job.

Already Made Up Your Mind? Click Here to Get Started Right Away…

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Unless You Want To!”

I know a lot of studio owners that only work in their free time. Some just record their friends’ music, and some still work their 40-hour day jobs every week. It’s really up to you.

There aren’t a lot of businesses that you can run part-time and still make this much money. You can easily run your studio on the weekends, then quit your “real job” when the business starts making big bucks.

Actually, one of the most successful studios I’ve seen is only open in the wee hours of the night. Seriously, bands come in between midnight and 5am to record. And they pay thousands of dollars for the privilege! There are ways of bringing in clients that will fit your ideal work hours, no whiners allowed – and I’ll show you exactly how.

“This Is Like Recording Studio Boot Camp For Dummies”

The recording studio business is easy. It’s not as technical as you might think, and even a novice recording enthusiast can market their studio for high prices.

You can learn all there is to know about starting a recording studio business in about 3 hours. That means anybody can get into this business and succeed.

Bands will love you when they hear about your studio. This was the big surprise for me – you actually become a “rock star” to the bands you meet, because you have a studio. Pretty cool, huh?

Not only is this fun for you, it’s also amazing for your business!

People looking for a recording studio want to feel cool. They want to hang out with a cool studio owner, have a good time, and be relaxed during the recording process. When you become the “cool guy” in the studio business, you instantly win half the battle.

Want to win the entire battle? Click here to get my comprehensive recording studio business bootcamp.

“You Wanted A Stress-Free Business? Here It Is…”

You don’t have to deal with crappy co-workers or angry customers in this business. Why? Because you pick the people you work with!

I never worry about office politics, getting screamed at by some idiot supervisor, or performing up to some corporate standard. No way… all that crap disappears in the studio business.

It’s a stress-free job where you just enjoy the ride and make new friends. There’s nobody checking up on you, or evaluating your performance. You make your own rules and you run your recording studio however you want. In fact, here’s one rule I suggest to all my friends:

“You Can Live By The No-Assholes Rule”

In the recording studio business you decide who you want to work with. If you don’t like jerks – screw em! You don’t have to be around those kinds of people. That’s probably my favorite part of this whole business.

Back when I was in high school (before I realized that jobs are for suckers) I worked in a pet supplies store. You know that must have sucked, right? Well there was this one guy that I could not stand to be around. He talked constantly and told flat-out LIES about himself. I bet you know a guy just like this…

“I own a Corvette, but I don’t drive it much. I really prefer my broke-ass Honda Civic.”

“You play in a band? Well my band is talking with Columbia Records about a deal. But I think we can hold out for more money.”

The problem wasn’t that his stories were unbelievable – it’s that I knew he was lying. Plus he was just a jerk. He always had to out-shine everybody, and he would make stuff up so he was the center of attention. I bet wherever he is today, he’s probably bothering some other dude just like he did to me.

Luckily I adopted the “no assholes” rule when I started my studio business. No more annoying co-workers that you have to deal with or your boss gets pissed. If I don’t like somebody, I tell them to take a hike! It’s my studio.

Don’t you want to have that same power? Well the fun doesn’t stop there…

Ditch the assholes – get my complete recording studio course today!

“But Where Will I Find Clients To Record? There Can’t Be That Many Bands Out There…”

Let me tell you about the people who won’t buy this course. Most people who are interested in this business decide to back out for one big reason – they think there aren’t enough customers out there to make their studio profitable. Why do so many people kill their business plans right there?

The answer is: They think they already know why their studio will fail.

But here’s the problem. They don’t have the first hand experience I do that PROVES why recording studios will actually be successful. I know why this business works so well. And it’s because of all the amazing bands, singers, and other artists who are not recording in big, expensive studios. These people have nowhere to go when they want to record a CD. When you finish my course, you will know how to harness the needs of everyday musicians and turn a quick, consistent profit.

Where are all these potential clients? I can find a list of bands in my area in about 30 seconds using simple tools like Google, Facebook, Bandcamp, PureVolume, and many more.

Bands like these are everywhere, in every city or small town. And they are looking for someone like you to work with them. What they really want is a chance. They want you to take a gamble, and decide that their music is worth your time. Grant that wish, and you will be my next studio success story. I guarantee it.

I know that I’m revealing too many insider secrets here.

Truthfully, many studio owners are already mad at me for letting the cat out of the bag…

They think my students are going to put them out of business. But I think there’s plenty of room in this market for you to have your fair share.

So screw those selfish studio owners! Let me give you a few more secrets that I use to get an unfair advantage over my competitors…

“Let Me Share A Couple Of My Hardcore Insider Secrets Right Now – For Free

I don’t always give up the profit-formula like this… especially not for free! So many people pay thousands of dollars for a few hours of in-depth business coaching, just like what you can get right here. So consider yourself lucky.

With that said, let me reveal 3 Hardcore “Insider Secrets” that you won’t find anywhere but in this course:

Hardcore Insider Secret #1: It’s all about the Benjamins. What does that mean? You can only make money if you cost money. As a studio owner, your time is money – and you have to charge accordingly. A lot of people think opening a studio and charging dirt cheap prices will help them win customers.

WRONG. That’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll find out why, and exactly how to avoid that mistake in my course. Trust me, you need to know this before you ever consider starting a studio business.

Hardcore Insider Secret #2: The 80/20 Rule of recording studio headaches. You will find that 80% of your stress comes from 20% of your clients. And the worst part is… those clients aren’t worth the money they are paying you.

I can show you how to filter out problem customers, so you can maximize the time you spend with friendly, high-paying customers that will even bring you more business later!

Yes, you heard that right. The best customers will send you more new clients to work with. But you have to know how to make them do this. Oh yeah, you’re going to learn that trick in my course, too!

Hardcore Insider Secret #3: You can turn all your friends into the best “street team” on the planet. It’s quick, it’s effective, and it will make you more money than you can imagine. Plus, your street team will love you.

Everyone you know is interested in your studio business. You have a cool job! Get used to it. When you tell people about it, they will want to get involved. Harness that power! Make more money from their work.

That’s how the world’s richest business moguls get the job done.

Get the rest of my Hardcore Insider Secrets in Recording Studio Profits!

“So Many Happy Customers – I Don’t Have Room For Them All On This Page!”

You don’t have to listen to me – my wife never does. But you should take my advice about this course. This really is a proven blueprint to succeeding in the recording studio business.

Listen to these amazing stories from people just like you. They decided to invest in Recording Studio Profits, and they loved it. I hope you can be one of these success stories soon, too…

Product Review

The things I learned in this course have been a major asset to my success. After just a few minutes of listening to it, I knew there was something amazing about this business. It’s not just that anybody can do it – more importantly, I can do it!

Trust me, I’m no Einstein. When I told my parents I was starting a recording studio in my house… they laughed. “Just another hair-brained scheme,” they told me. Well it looks like I’m laughing now. And my parents have finally come around. Just the other week, my dad came by the studio to check it out. Before he left, my dad shook my hand and said he was proud.That moment alone makes this entire course worth it.

Thank you for putting together such a simple plan for the recording business. I owe you everything.

Mark Crosby


Product Review

I was super skeptical about buying this course at first. The recording business seems so complicated, and I was convinced there was no way I could do it. My best friend thought it would be a fun business to try over the summer. So we looked at our options, and finally we bought this course.

After we heard the audio and looked at the extra material that came with it, I’m positive we made the right choice. This stuff is absolutely golden. And with summer approaching, my friend and I have already been talking to local bands about our studio. It only took 1 week to book our first client, and they already paid a deposit for their studio time.

That first check written from a real client was awesome. Looking forward to a very profitable summer of recording. Maybe we’ll just quit school after a couple months and expand this studio to full-time!

Angelo Campbell
Portland, Oregon


Product Review

Back when Reuben was first getting started in his studio, my band checked out his place. Grade A spot to lay down a 5-song EP. He cut us a great deal, and our songs sounded totally pro-quality.

Well he has really come a long way now. I watched him grow to superstar levels in Memphis, and I’m proud to say I worked with him in the early days. Take my advice – write down everything Reuben tells you. It’s all solid business tips backed by hardcore experience. He is the master of homegrown studio businesses.

Nashville, TN


“How To Get Instant Access To My Course – Today”

Recording Studio Profits - Start a Recording StudioI want to be completely honest with you – I spent a lot of time putting this course together. And when it was finally complete, I just knew I had to find a way to get it out there for everybody to benefit from. What’s the point of creating an amazing resource like Recording Studio Profits if nobody ever uses it? That’s why I decided it had to be available INSTANTLY for my new students to get started. No waiting around, no additional shipping charges, no CDs and books to lose track of… just a click of the mouse, a quick download, and you’re in business.

Sure, I could send out a big box full of junk to everybody that orders my course. I could have hundreds of copies printed up, CDs duplicated, fancy graphics and covers to show off. But that would just force me to raise the price on this course!

When I set out to create the best recording business course ever released, I decided to change the way things are done. People told me Recording Studio Profits should be selling for $497 and customers should be waiting a couple weeks to get it in the mail. I said “No Way!”

Instead, I settled for a massively discounted price of only $97. And you get to access the audio MP3 files, read the PDF manuals, and save it to your computer immediately. How many businesses are willing to go that far to make you happy? Not too many. But then again, I’m not like most business people. I enjoy what I do, and I want to share it with new people every single day.

Now let me tell you everything what you get when you invest in this step-by-step recording business startup course.

“What Exactly Do I Get In Recording Studio Profits?”

  • A Full 3.5 Hours of audio. If I put this course on CDs, it would be about 3 discs of solid information. But you get the MP3 files right away. Put it all on your iPod or iPhone to listen to anytime.
  • 150 Page Manual of the Recording Studio Profits course. Sometimes you like to read instead of listen. That way, you really process this knowledge at a deeper level. I want you to succeed, so I’m giving you this PDF copy of the entire audio course transcribed in step-by-step fashion. Plus I threw in some extra material, resources, and visual aids to help you out even more.
  • “Quick Start” Guide to the Recording Studio Business. This is a shorter, condensed version of the full course. You can use this as a fast reference to the concepts we cover in the audio and the manual. Believe me, I like to have the “Cliff’s Notes” version of everything. So I want you to have the same.
  • Plus, if you keep reading… I’ll tell you about some extra goodies I put together for my newest students. You’re going to love what I have for you. But first, let me tell you how confident I am that you will love Recording Studio Profits…

My Iron-Clad 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re a smart person. At this point, you must be wondering what happens if this course doesn’t work for you? I doubt you will have that problem, but I know things happen. That’s why I back up my course with a 365 day 100% money back guarantee.

So what does that mean for you? It means you can get my course, you can read through it, you can listen to the audios, and you can even steal the ideas if you want to… but I know you’re not a dishonest person. If you do all that and you still don’t think my course is worth its weight in gold – you can return it and get your money back. That’s how much I believe in this information – I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

No questions asked, no hassles, no small print. Just a full 365 day guarantee. One year. Even if it’s the last day, I’ll give you all your money back right away. No problem! That’s what I call fair.

Get this guaranteed recording studio business course now!

“I Must Be Insane – Why Would I Offer Such An Outrageous Guarantee?”

People ask me this all the time. Even my best friends want to know how I can afford to offer such an outrageous guarantee on this course. It’s simple really.

The truth is there is no way for you to fail in this business. Even a total idiot can make money with a home recording studio. So when you get my course and listen to all the great information and tips I have to offer, you will feel confident that your business will be a success. I don’t have to worry about people scamming me for refunds because all my customers love this course. Most people wouldn’t part ways with Recording Studio Profits unless the IRS confiscated it. That’s how powerful this training is.

Let me make an even bolder claim

If you buy my course and listen to it right away, you can make back your $97 investment by this weekend.

You read that correctly. That’s how confident I am that this course is solid gold. It’s literally the Bible of starting a studio business.

Get the most effective recording studio business course ever created right now

“At This Point It Really Is Up To You – Road To Success or Boulevard Of Broken Dreams?”

You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink, right? Well I can give you every unfair advantage you need to dominate your market with a profitable recording studio. But I can’t make this decision for you.

If you have read this far, and you’re still unsure… maybe this just isn’t your time. That’s okay. Not everybody is cut out for this kind of business. It takes a real commitment to creating a better life and making more money. If that doesn’t sound like a commitment you can make, then I wish you well. Maybe you’ll get lucky and your boss will give you a promotion or a 3% raise. But with the current recession, I sort of doubt that will happen.

Still here?

Well then it sounds like you have already made up your mind. You are exactly the kind of person who can take the recording studio business and shoot for the moon. You want to make better money and have more fun in your job. That’s nothing to be ashamed of – in fact, I congratulate you. This is truly a big step forward.

Let me sweeten the pot. How about I throw in a couple bonus gifts. Consider it my way of congratulating you for having business savvy and making the right decision.

“3 Massive Bonus Gifts Just For Taking This Step Toward Financial Freedom”

  • Pricing Your Recording Studio BusinessSocial Media For Business – I’m going to give you Social Media For Business. It’s the #1 resource for any small business that wants to maximize the power of websites like Facebook. You can really propel your business if you know how to leverage social media websites. In fact, the number one question I get from business consulting clients is, “how can I start using social media to grow my business?” I’ve answered that question more times than I can count, so I put together this guide on the topic. This is my free gift to you. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Recording Studio Forms and InvoicesThe Paperwork Killer – I hate keeping track of finances and client info. It can be such a pain in the ass. You’ll see what I mean once you have 20 clients working with you at the same time. So to simplify all of that upkeep, I am giving you my complete system for eliminating paperwork. No more filing away tons of invoices or flipping through pages of notes. If you have Excel, you can track all your income, expenses, and other info in seconds. Just point, click, and get back to enjoying life. No mindless paperwork allowed!
    Again, I would charge at least a couple hundred bucks to set this up for another business. Probably around $250 at the least.
  • Social Media for Recording Studio BusinessesPricing For Success – This is a guide I wrote and sold for $37 for a while. But I realized it was too valuable to give it away for such peanuts. Now you can only get it with this complete course. It covers the complex topic of pricing your services. This isn’t a simple decision. Choosing the right price structure for your business can make or break you. After you read this guide, you’ll be armed with everything you need to make the best decision. It’s yours FREE with the course.

There’s nothing better than freebies – we both know that. So to get your hands on all of this bonus material, in addition to the Recording Studio Profits course, scroll down just a little further and click the big button. I know you’re making the right decision. And you will know it, too. Don’t let this opportunity slip away now. Scroll down and let’s get started today.

Best wishes and good luck,

Recording Studio Profits Signature
Reuben D. Rock

Yes, I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On This Information And Start My Own Successful Recording Studio Business…

Start and Run a Recording Studio Business 
"Recording Studio Profits - The Complete Road Map To
Starting A Successful Recording Studio Business"

By ordering today you will receive my step-by-step blueprint for running a profitable recording studio. You get the audio course – 3.5 hours jam packed with the most valuable insider tricks and tips. Plus, you’ll receive the written manual with extra bonus materials.

Remember, there are no holds barred in this course! You get everything you need to start making money with any home studio by this weekend!

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Your order is guaranteed safe and secure!Your order is guaranteed safe and secure.

P.S. Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, once said – “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

What do you think? I know how easy the recording studio business really is. And I know you can do it. But do you think you’re up for the adventure?

I don’t believe in regrets. What are they worth? A lot of heartache and missed opportunities. That’s why I spend every single day doing what I love, instead of just wishing I had the chance. Trust me, I don’t want you to stand on the sidelines forever, wishing you could be in the game. You deserve to be the star.

You might think this is a gamble. Like playing the lotto or sticking a quarter in a slot machine. But I assure you it is not. And even if there was a chance you wouldn’t succeed, do you really want to spend the rest of your life wondering?

Am I pushing you? You bet. I’m pushing you because $97 bucks shouldn’t stop anybody from living the dream. Ninety-seven bucks is chump change in the grand scheme of things. You can blow through that kind of money on a keg of beer.

Instead of blowing your life dealing with some crappy job and a hardass boss, why not make a REAL decision. Choose the good life, and forget about the rest.

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P.P.S. Nobody can make this decision for you. So I’ll offer one last bit of advice:

It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

So which way are you going to go? Are you going to fall to your knees and hide behind a boring job? You can wake up tomorrow, hit the snooze button all morning long… but you still have to go to work. And you still have to fight to keep your job, just so you can pay the bills.


You can stand up right now – take charge of your future! Change your life, do something exciting and new. I know what I would do. What kind of life are you going to choose?

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